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Winners Circle
Winners Circle
Winners Circle
Winners Circle

The Women of MN WIN Share Their Member Experience

Women in Networking (WIN) is a Twin Cities, MN based organization in which women in business lift each other up for professional growth and business success. Each year WIN hosts a large conference complete with keynote speakers, breakout sessions, great networking opportunities, an expo area, an oasis happy hour and more!

What We’re About

Women in Networking (WIN) is a Twin Cities based organization in which women in business encourage one another’s professional growth and business success. Our members are a mix of female entrepreneurs, business owners and key players in business to business services.

The WIN experience is designed to be motivating and rewarding for women who value and actively practice the principles and process of networking and lifting up other women in business. WIN provides a warm, friendly atmosphere that is supportive, educational, and dynamic so women may:

  • Make meaningful business connections. WIN members have easy and unlimited access to one another’s encouragement, knowledge, talents, and resources. WIN members and friends connect during monthly networking events, classes and through the WIN’s website and social networking.

  • Learn tips and techniques to learn new ways to succeed. Events throughout each month offer a combination of informal and structured networking activities that highlight techniques for making connections and pursuing your career goals. The WIN newsletter Connect, distributed each month, presents strategies for being effective in your business, creating contacts, building relationships, and realizing the benefit of networking practices.

  • Leave each WIN event and interaction with their batteries recharged and a positive outlook for the work ahead.

  • Our philosophy is welcoming and non-competitive. Membership is not restricted to one person per industry or employment type, we do not require lead quotas, and we do not have a policy against membership with other networking organizations. Instead, we encourage members to enhance their networking abilities, foster meaningful partnerships with others, and help one another to grow and prosper.

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